bottle rinsers – sterilizers series ‘SC’

The rinsers – sterilizers series ‘SC’ are simple semi-automatic machines available in different models and versions:
– for rinsing containers with disposable water
– for rinsing and sanitizing with recirculating solution
– For blowing containers with microfiltered air or inert gas
– for two successive treatments (for example washing with solution and rinsing with disposable water)
– for steam injection

The operator loads the containers (bottles or jars) inverted in the cups on the turntable of the machine; a presence sensor activates the spraying circuit, so that the containers are treated with the injection of water or sanitizing solution and – after appropriate dripping – they can be removed and replaced by others.
One only operator is able to manage loading and unloading operations, thanks to the possibility of charging and removing containers from the front position.

All models are complete with micro-filtration cartridge for water or air.

The production speed is electronically adjustable up to 700 containers/hour in the SC10 version, and up to 1,200 containers/hour in the SC20 version

n.b.: rinsers are not suitable for washing bottles and jars already used

Technical specifications :
Type of operation: semi-automatic
Usable products: water, sanitizing solutions, alcoholic solutions, solutions with SO2, inert gas, purified compressed air
Speed variation: by inverter, with potentiometer
Voltage: 220V – single phase – 50/60hz
Power consumption: 0,18 kw
Type of containers: glass and plastic bottles and jars
Diameter min/max containers: mm 40-120


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