Linear dosing machines

Automatic linear dosing machines D-E series

The range of linear volumetric dosing machines includes various models, suitable for filling bottles, jars and cans with liquid or semi-dense products.

The machines are intended for the packaging of cosmetic and chemical products, detergents, liquid soaps, personal care products.
The steam-sanitized dosing units also allow the machine to be used in the food sector, for example for the dosing of yogurt, mayonnaise, tomato sauce.

The dosing units are equipped with AISI 316 stainless steel rotary pumps, motorized and controlled by frequency inverter.
The quantity to be dosed and the rotation speeds are adjusted by a touch-screen panel.
The minimum dosage is 20ml.

All dispensing valves are equipped with anti-drip nozzle with a pneumatically controlled two-way valve.

In case of unstable bottles or containers, an endless screw is used to transfer the bottles under the dosing nozzles.
Whenever possible, a container stop system with pneumatically controlled gates is used for handling containers of different sizes without format change equipment.

The filling machines are supplied complete with chain drive motor, synchronized with the containers loading and filling phases.

Possibility to equip the dosing valves with ‘plunging nozzles’ device, in the case of products with the formation of persistent foam that do not allow the filling from above.

The machine is equipped with ‘dummy bottles’ to carry out automatic washing with channeling and possibility of recirculation of the washing solution (CIP predisposed).

The filling machines are modular, available from 2 to 6 dosing pumps, depending on the type of product and the required production speed.

Type of operation: automatic

Usable products : detergents, liquid soap, cosmetic liquids, chemicals

Hourly production: from 500 to 6,000 pieces/hour

Speed change : automatic type

No. filling valves : 2-3-4-5-6

Voltage : 400V – 3ph – 50/60hz

Power consumption: from 1,5 kw

Compressed air: from 100 Lt/min, 6 bar

Type of containers : bottles, jars, drums, cans

Dimensions : 2500x1000xh.1800 mm

Weight: from 600 kg


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