Monoblocs PK

The filling and capping monoblock mod. RT1000PK is designed for the packaging of bottles and jars with liquid and dense products, such as detergents, lotions and cosmetic creams, essential oils, hand gel.

The machine is equipped with a capping turret for pre-threaded screw or pressure caps.

The base is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, with all sides covers and entry and exit safety tunnels.

The machine consists mainly of 2 integrated units :

– Filling unit with rotary volumetric dosers;
one or more rotary pumps with AISI 316 stainless steel casing, motorized and driven by inverter.
The main working parameters can be set by means of an electric pulse-counter from a display or touch-panel.

– Closing group including :
an automatic distributor of the capsule, with vibrating or centrifugal sorter, for plastic pressure or screw caps, complete with capsule presence photocell;
a descent channel, with pick & place dispensing system;
a capping head made to measure for pre-threaded or press on capsules.

All work phases – filling, distribution and closure of the capsule – take place on a central starwheel that moves the bottles with precision and fluidity.

Type of operation : automatic
Usable products : cosmetics and detergents
Hourly output: up to 1,000 pcs/hour (2,000 with 2-dispenser model)
Speed change : automatic type
No. filling valves : 1 or 2
Voltage : 400v – 3ph – 50hz
Power consumption: 3 kW
Compressed air : 300 lt/m’ at 6 bar
Type of containers : bottles and jars
Diameter min/max : 30 – 110 mm
Dimensions : 2500x1000xh2400 mm
Weight : 700 kg


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