Rotary labeling machine


The series of rotary carousel labelers is available in different models and variants, for production from 2,000 to 10,000 bottles/hour.

Labelers can be equipped with one to five labeling stations, for self-adhesive labels from reels.

In the various customizations, these machines allow the labelling of a wide type of bottles, jars and other containers of cylindrical, square or rectangular shape.

Among the various options, we indicate :
– touch screen panel for programming and storage of work settings
– hot-foil or inkjet printing devices for label personalisation
– sensors for transparent labels
– photocells for centring embossed marks
– automatic reel unwinders for long range working

Technical characteristics :

Safety protections with stainless steel frame and plexiglass panels
Central carousel with 3 – 6 – 10 – 12 bottle holders
Bottle seats movement by double profile cam in oil bath or electronic type
Bottle heads with pneumatic locking system
Labeling stations with stepper motors for maximum application accuracy
Electronic board for start label signal in presence of bottle
Height and inclination adjustment with handwheels and metric reference scales
Stations mounted on 3-shaft supports for maximum solidity and vibration-free operation
Double arm shock absorber for label film smooth unwinding
Electronic speed change with inverter
Electronic synchronization of station speed with carousel speed
Emergency stop devices on endless screw, stars and central shaft

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